Role of CAB in Community Engagement

The overarching goal of the community engagement plan is to establish and maintain the structure and mechanisms for interactions between the collaboratory scientists and the communities in which we work. Respectful and transparent relationships between the researchers and community members are imperative for the success of HIV cure research. We will accomplish this through the following means:

  • Establishing a Collaboratory Community Advisory Board (CAB) with representation from each of the 4 research site communities from which the clinical research will be conducted.
  • Providing training and education for the CAB and greater community members on the research process, especially as it relates to the aims of the I4C Collaboratory, and with the collective Martin Delaney Collaboratories for HIV Cure Research.
  • Engaging CAB members and key stakeholders in the research process in order to obtain valuable feedback on protocol design and implementation.  This will then give us the ability to be able to develop processes and tools for the dissemination of trial results from the Collaboratory.
  • Facilitating the activities of the CAB with administrative and fiscal support for CAB meetings, travel and local engagement events.

Role of CAB in Research Process

  • Provide clinical trials leadership and oversight for protocol development
  • Support and oversee clinical trial implementation at the proposed clinical sites according to Good Clinical Practice (GCP) and all applicable DAIDS policies.

CAB Leadership / Structure

  • Monthly meetings are held via teleconference on the 4th Thursday of every month
  • CAB comprises nine active members representing four sites, as well as CAB coordinators from each site
  • Site investigators and DAIDS representatives attend many calls.

CAB Elected Officials

  • Mitch Warren (AVAC)- Co-Chair
  • Jessica Salzwedel (AVAC)- Co-Chair