In this Collaboratory, the goals are to advance our scientific understanding of the viral reservoir and to develop immunologic strategies for HIV-1 remission and eradication by a highly collaborative and multifaceted research program involving partnerships among academia, industry, government, and the community.

Dan Barouch, John Mellors, and Sandhya Vasan will serve as joint Principal Investigators of this Collaboratory. Dan Barouch has considerable expertise with translational preclinical-to-clinical development of HIV-1 vaccines and bnMAbs, conducting NHP studies and clinical trials, and leading large consortia. John Mellors has considerable expertise studying the viral reservoir, developing HIV-1 therapeutics, conducting clinical trials, and leading large consortia. Sandhya Vasan serves as Director of the Henry M Jackson Foundation component for the U.S. Military HIV Research Program and has world-renowned expertise in the development and clinical evaluation of HIV-1 vaccine and cure strategies.

Additional senior investigators for this Collaboratory include: Galit Alter, Paula Cannon, Dimiter Dimitrov, Jon Karn, Wenjun Li, Jim Riley, Morgane Rolland, Alex Shalek, Bob Siliciano, Serena Spudich, Rasmi Thomas, and Bruce Walker.